"I just want to thank you so very much for everything today.

Fontaine hasn't stopped talking about all the cool things she did and learnt today.

I'm surprised at how much she took from the workshop today in one session.

I am so grateful for what you are doing for our children.

We will definitely be coming again.

- Dixie (parent of Empower You workshop)

"I was really impressed with how much positive energy was in the room when I came to pick my daughter up. Normally a reserved and shy kid, my daughter astounded me with how confidently she spoke during her presentation on friendship fires. Thank you for fuelling my daughter to find her voice and encouraging her to use it!"

-Simone (Parent of Girl Power workshop)

"Just wanted to say thank you so much for the workshops over the holidays.

I know that they got a lot out of it. The girls didn’t stop talking about it all the way home👏🏻 and seeing K- at the table this morning filling his gratitude jar was heartwarming🙏🏼 I will keep an eye out for your other  classes and spread the word👍🏻 Thanks again & all the best."


-Lisa & Jo (Parents of Empower You and Girl Power workshops)

"Fantastic program empowering young girls."


-Jacinta (Parent Girl Power Club and workshop)

"We love Powerful Kids! Both of our kids have been along to the workshops and have come out beaming and full of wonderful positive ways to deal with everyday issues that kids deal with. Rebekah is nurturing and insightful and has a lovely rapport with the children. I would definitely recommend PK to all parents."


-Lisa (Parent of Empower You and Girl Power workshops)

"Annie really loved the session. I asked her if she’d like to go back and her response was “Of course I want to go back - we got to learn about ourselves. Did you know everyone has an engine??” She has talked quite a bit about her engine, and that concept seems to have been really helpful to her."


-Alex (Parent of Empower You workshop)