Wellbeing Coaching

Rebekah provides a safe and supportive space to guide young people through challenges they may be facing. Listening with respect and empathy, Rebekah will empower them be self-confident and self-aware. Tailored sessions will support young people to learn and master skills in positive mindset, self-esteem, resilience, optimism and confidence; to equip our young people with essential tools and skills to successfully navigate a more complicated world. 


Wellbeing Coaching can help young people learn strategies how to: 


  • Communicate successfully

  • Manage emotions such as anger or anxiety

  • Develop higher self-esteem and increased self-confidence

  • Cope with stressful occasions or events (public speaking etc.)

  • Deal well with problems at school

  • Manage worries about family members (eg, sibling rivalry, parental separation etc.)

  • Managing social media use

  • Identify triggers or functions for negative behaviours or emotions

  • Become more resilient and cope with difficult situations

  • Set achievable goals and work towards achieving their potential and successful outcomes

  • Cope with peer pressure; strengthen self-resolve and independence

Primary School (Year 4 - 6 only)


1 primary school session - 50 minutes: $115 (inc. GST)
3 primary school sessions - 50 minutes: $335 (inc. GST)
6 primary school sessions - 50 minutes: $670 (inc GST)


High School (Year 7 - 10 only)

1 high schooler session - 50 minutes: $130 (inc. GST)
3 high schooler sessions - 50 minutes: $380 (inc. GST)
6 high schooler sessions - 50 minutes: $760 (inc GST)

Sessions can be held at a suitable location that suits both parties or online.

For enquiries, please contact Rebekah.

*If you have a self-managed or plan-managed NDIS plan, you may be able to claim sessions as part of your funding.​Check with NDIS to confirm eligibility.