A 90 Second Pause is the Difference Between a Reaction and a Response

How well do you regulate your emotions?

Working in schools, we deal with children who have made poor decisions in the heat of the moment. Or they have made the best decision they could in that moment, without understanding the extent of the consequences.

As an educator and a parent, we are huge fans of the 90 second pause. Check out the model and have a practise using the following steps:

1. Take a deep breath.

2. Stay calm and resist the urge to act out of impulse.

3. Label what you’re feeling.

4. Put your ego or self-importance to the side for now.

5. Think through the possible consequences of different reactions or responses.

Sometimes it helps to practise this in a calm environment or in a non-threatening situation. Role-plays can be lots of fun! Share your experience with us. Would love to hear how it went.

Thanks @positivemindsaustralia for the inspo and to @doodledwellness for the image 😊🙏

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