Back to School Tip - Making New Friends

Updated: Feb 8, 2021

Being the first week of school for a lot of Victorian children and their families, also means a lot of high emotions of nerves, excitement and joy!

For some students, starting or returning to school can also be quite overwhelming, and I can fully empathise with this. I often tell of my experience to my students, that my first year of school EVER was high school, as I was homeschooled until I was 13. It was a huge change for me and I can appreciate the overwhelming feelings of nerves and anxiety! However, being pushed outside of your comfort zone, is not always a bad thing. One thing I had to quickly get used to, was how to make new friends!

“ Be Friendly + Welcoming - A smile and friendly presence always makes meeting new people easier. "

So I will leave you with some tips that you could discuss with your children in learning how to make new friends! Why not practise at home when you're saying goodnight, or getting reading for school?


1. Ask Questions - Asking people questions is a great way to start finding out information about them (#askquestions).

2. Find Something In Common - It’s much easier to connect with people when we have something in common. Some great topics to ask about include pets, sports, foods and hobbies.

3. Make Sure You Are Listening - Make sure you take the time to really listen. Try not to get distracted by your own thoughts or what you are going to say next (#activelistening)

4. Avoid Distractions - Try not to be distracted by things like the tv/another device or other people.

5. Be Friendly And Welcoming - A smile and friendly presence always makes meeting new people easier.

Have fun making new friends!

Love, Rebekah Richardson (Educator + Wellbeing Coach)

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